Portraits of the Outdoors

Paul has spent a life time walking the outdoors, from the mountains of California and Europe to the woods of Massachusetts. The photographs he makes are deep explorations of these places that he has gotten to know so well. Paul's pictures invite you to take a walk with him through those same woods and mountains.

Paul was born in New York City. He grew up on Long Island and in Southern California, and worked for most of his life as an environmental science, math, and computer science teacher in Concord, Massachusetts. Since falling in love with the Sierras in his teens, he has taken countless trips out west to camp, hike, and photograph. His photographic explorations have tended to bring him back to the same places again and again in search of images that are truly representative of his sense and feeling for the place.

More recently Paul has turned his eye closer to home, to the meadows, woods, and rivers of Concord. His photographs there combine a traditional palette of New England colors and scenes with an enthusiasm for textures and places that have often been neglected by the lens. They are a powerful case for the beauty of the land we see everyday and a compelling portrait of his home.